The Many Stories of Angharad (Party)

Sovereign ruler of The Game.

Kalaban Renault, budding pantomath. A master of lore, and a student of magic both traditional and unorthodox, with a specialty in divination. Fascinated by sorcerers and wizards alike, sorcerers for their inherent gifts powered by force of personality, and wizards for their abilities gained purely through scholarship and inculcation, he has found a way to combine both approaches into his own magical practices as an Arcanist.

Seth Mallory is a skilled merchant and tradesman (and smuggler) that travels across the continent to transport fine goods (sometimes legal and sometimes for the thieves guild). He uses his superior charisma (and memory wipes) to excel at his trade. He is from Darkwatch, and makes sure to stop by occasionally to check on his sister, but he is almost constantly traveling and finding new travel companions to help make his fortune.

Eilifr (ee-il-fer) Dainn (Dane) is a stolid dwarf from a long line of secretly practicing druids. Quiet and meditative he has spent his first few centuries communing with nature and guarding the resting places of his ancestors- a task he takes seriously. His tactiturn nature hides a warm personality though, and he enjoys good conversation for the novelty and surprise conversing with others can always provide.


Dáinn ("Da-win") is a Holy Crusader of our Lord in Iron, Gorum, from the snowy reaches of Etrigard. He has traveled across the sea to Vespia along with his companion Hjalmar (hyal-mar) in search of glory and battles. He presently hunts the cult of Razmir as they have thus far put up a good fight.