The Red Hand of Doom (Resource Archive)

This page contains the resources I used in my Red Hand of Doom campaign.
I hope they can be of use to you as well!
I ran this campaign with five players over eighteen sessions, which took fourteen months.
Our group is most familiar with the Pathfinder rule-set, so we converted the campaign to it- see the conversion resources below.

This page contains spoilers for the entire campaign.

Feel free to contact me for a copy of the full archive, or grab media from the links below.
The resources are organized by our play sessions, but should largely match the timeline provided in the adventure guide.
The key to the right indicates what each icon represents. All resources are hosted in Google Drive.

Icon Media Type
🎬 Slideshow
📄 Text File
💾 Data File
📷 Image File
📂 Folder
3D Model File
Audio File
  • The 'Resources for Edited Images/Audio' folders will typically contain GIMP/Audacity project files.
  • 'Undin' was an eccentric dwarven scholar NPC I added, who hired the party to travel to Vraath keep- the initial hook.
  • NPCs that can be either friendly or aggressive typically have one image with a red background and one with blue to represent their temperment.
  • Many sessions include a 'GM script' which are my notes for each session. These often contain cues for when to use various media, such as sound effects and scenery imagery.
  • Superscripts indicate sources for (almost) every peice of media, see source list at bottom of page for key.
  • Tokens are top-down view (rather than face-on/portrait). I printed them and pasted them on cardboard squares.

    Supplemental Material

    Session 00 - Character Creation

    Session 01 - Drellin's Ferry

    Session 02 - The Witchwood

    Session 03 - Skull Gorge Bridge

    Session 04 - Ill Tidings

    Session 05 - The Blockade

    Session 06 - Tiri Kitor

    Session 07 - Ruins of Rhest (Part 1)

    Session 08 - Ruins of Rhest (Part 2)

    Session 09 - The Lair of the Lich

    Session 10 - The Ghostlord and the Stormcaller

    Session 11 - The Corrupted Druid

    Session 12 - Enemy at the Gates

    Session 13 - The Battle for Brindol (Part 1)

    Session 14 - The Battle for Brindol (Part 2)

    Session 15 - The Fane of Tiamat (Part 1)

    Session 16 - The Fane of Tiamat (Part 2)

    Session 17 - The Fane of Tiamat (Part 3)

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