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This page contains the resources I used in my Angharad campaign.
I hope they can be of use to you as well!
This campaign is ongoing, and this page will be updates slowly throughout.

This page contains spoilers for the entire campaign!

Feel free to contact me for a copy of the full archive, or grab media from the links below.
The resources are organized by our play sessions, but should largely match the timeline provided in the adventure guide. We changed the setting to an existing homebrew setting, but this primarily effects the name of various places. Resources have been moved from Google Drive to my Nextcloud!


We ran The City of Golden Death, then jumped to Last Wall in the Tyrant's Grasp sequence. The 'Resources for Edited Images/Audio' folders will typically contain GIMP (image, .xcf) or Audacity (audio, .aup) project files. I used Arazni to instigate the plot, appearing in dreams to the group. She occasionally provides salient information, and because my players skipped the first few books, she also embeds the obols in the PCs. NPCs that can be either friendly or aggressive typically have one image with a red background and one with blue to represent their temperment.
Many sessions include a 'GM script' which are my notes for each session. These often contain cues for when to use various media, such as sound effects and scenery imagery.
Superscripts indicate sources for (almost) every peice of media, see source list at bottom of page for key. Tokens are top-down view (rather than face-on/portrait). This media was used in Foundry VTT, on a TV in the center of the game-table.

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Supplemental Material

Session 01 - A Change of Scenery

Session 02 - The Isle of Terror, Under a Dark Cloud

Session 03 - Xin Grafar, The City of Golden Death

Session 04 - Xin Grafar, The Inner Rings

Session 05 - Xin Grafar, Iramine Herself

Session 06 - Kachin, The Knights Errant

Session 07 - Kachin, Lost Ally

Session 08 - Kachin, Search for the Seal-Breakers

Session 09 - Redoubt of the Red Crusader

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