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Hello, my name is Ruthalas, and this site provides a home for my projects.
Current projects are all roleplaying-game-related, and include the following:

  • "The Red Hand of Doom" (Pathfinder 1.0 rule-set)
    I ran this classic campaign using the Pathfinder ruleset, and created unique audio and visual assets for it.
    This section houses all the media I created and used while running this campaign.
    That includes maps, images, audio cues, stat-blocks, tokens, combat manager files, and more. Enjoy!
    (Almost) every piece of media is labelled with its original source.

  • "Rappan Athuk" (Pathfinder 1.0 ruleset)
    A collection of digital resources for the Rappan Athuk campaign, including high resolution maps!
    These were created by a friend and hosted here for others to make use of.
    Many of pieces of media are labelled with their original source. (I acquired this data-set and did my best.)

  • "Welcome to Petrichor" (Dread rule-set)
    All digital resources needed for a Dread campaign I wrote myself.
    These were created for my first Dread game, and should allow you to play the same scenario with your players.

  • "The Many Tales of Angharad" (Pathfinder 1.0 ruleset)
    This is our current campaign, which I've taken over from another GM.
    Set in the homebrew land of Anharad, we are currently playing through the contents of the City of Golden Death module and the Tyrant's Grasp path.

If you have any questions about these projects, please drop my a line at the address in the footer.
I would be happy to provide any missing content or notes if I have them.