Red Hand of Doom - Party

Player: Ruthalas
Character: Ruthalas
[The Dreamer]
Level ∞ game-master

Sovereign ruler of The Game.

Player: Golem in the Gears
Character: Beledar Brightlance
[The Donkey]
A level 10 human Knight

An idealistic follower of Iomedae, hailing from a small town where he has moderate renown as a local hero

Player : Lemonfolly
Character: Poppy Penfold
[The Fool]
A level 10 halfling sorcerer

Coming from a line of halfling wizards she studied under her uncle at the mages university. After long having been taunted for her race she one day seriously burned a fellow student being unable to control her emotions. Her family had her quickly leave town to avoid the law, and now she wanders trying to make a living and control her magic.

Player : Dreadeir
Character: Ricard
[The Knight]
A level 10 human cleric

Chosen by Sarenrae to protect the innocent and free the suppressed, Ricard left his small village and honest farm-life to follow the whispers of the Everlight.

Player : Ubusika
Character: Howl Greenstone
[The Merchant]
A level 10 elf ranger

A sullen and fierce young elf, Howl was thrown out of his nomadic tribe after he spoke against the elders' anti-human views. He now uses his expert woodland training to make a living in any way possible, hoping each new mission might give him insight into his purpose in life.

Player : Nachtfalken
Character: Bendar the Gleeman
[The Cloud]
A level 10 human rogue

Bendar travels from town to town entertaining nobles and peasants alike. Constantly traveling, this master storyteller uses his profession to escape his troubled past.