The Red Hand of Doom (Campaign Overview)

This page contains an overview of my Red Hand of Doom campaign, designed to aid my players.
(Spoilers lie ahead for the entire campaign.)
I have been converting this campaign, and now that I am finished I'm in the process of releasing the tools and media I have created and found.
The full media archive, sorted by session can be found here: Archive
(Superscripts indicate sources for every peice of media, see source list at bottom of page for key.)



     2016 June
  • 2016-06-26, Sunday, 1PM-7PM Prologue, Character Creation
     2016 July
  • 2016-07-09, Saturday, 12PM-6PM Chapter 01, Drellin's Ferry
  • 2016-07-24, Sunday, 1PM-7PM Chapter 02, The Witchwood
     2016 August
  • 2016-08-06, Saturday, 1PM-7PM Chapter 03, Skull Gorge Bridge
  • 2016-08-20, Saturday, 4PM-10PM Chapter 04, Ill Tidings
     2016 September
  • 2016-09-17, Saturday, 2PM-8PM Chapter 05, The Blockade
     2016 October
  • 2016-10-01, Saturday, 2PM-8PM Chapter 06, The Tiri Kitor (Alternately: "Where There's a Will There's a Way")
  • 2016-10-16, Sunday, 1PM-7PM Chapter 07, The Ruins of Rhest (Part 1)
  • 2016-10-29, Saturday, 1PM-7PM Chapter 08, The Ruins of Rhest (Part 2) (Costume Party Version!)
     2016 November
  • 2016-11-12, Saturday, 2PM-8PM Chapter 09, The Lair of the Lich
     2017 February
  • 2017-02-04, Saturday, 2PM-8PM Chapter 10, The Ghostlord and the Stormcaller
  • 2017-02-18, Saturday, 2PM-10PM Chapter 11, The Corrupted Druid (at Dread's place)
     2017 March
  • 2017-03-04, Saturday, 2PM-8PM Chapter 12, Enemy at the Gate
     2017 April
  • 2017-04-01, Saturday, 2PM-10PM Chapter 13, The Battle for Brindol (Part 1)
     2017 May
  • 2017-05-20, Saturday, 2PM-10PM Chapter 14, The Battle for Brindol (Part 2)
     2017 June
  • 2017-06-03, Saturday, 2PM-10PM Chapter 15, Fane of Tiamat (Part 1) To Stop a Summoning
     2017 August
  • 2017-08-12, Saturday, 2PM-10PM Chapter 16, Fane of Tiamat (Part 2) To Cancel a Conjuration (at Dread's place)
  • 2017-08-19, Saturday, Noon-7PM Chapter 17, Fane of Tiamat (Part 3) To Invalidate an Invocation
     Campaign complete!

    Gathered Information

  • The hobgoblin marauders you defeated worship the dragon goddess Tiamat
  • The hobgoblins were sent by Koth of the Red Hand to wreak havoc
  • Koth's base of operation is likely Vraath Keep
  • The Red Hand is a horde of multiple goblin tribes and plans to overrun the whole of Elsir Vale soon
  • The Skull Gorge Bridge, if destroyed, could delay the horde
  • Reinforcements are coming from Lake Rhestin
  • There is a blockade on the Old North Road near Lake Rhestin
  • There is a seat of evil power within the Ruins of Rhest
  • There are at least two buildings within the ruins that house members of the Red Hand
  • A black dragon accompanies them
  • The lizard people appear to be serving the Red Hand
  • The Harrowblades have an infernal taint to them, and powers similar to the black dragon
  • The Tiri Kitor may be an ally if their homeland is secure
  • The Ghostlord is being coerced into supporting the Red Hand via his stolen phylactery
  • The Red Hand Horde will most likely attack at night

  • Norro Winston[58], Town Speaker of Drellin's Ferry, who requested your aid in dealing with the goblins
  • Soranna Anita, captain of the guard of Drellin's Ferry
  • Brother Derny, cleric of Sarenrae who runs the local shrine, friend to Ricard
  • Avarthel[76], druid of the Old Ones, who protects the local woods (50% discount on druid potions)
  • Sertieren the Wise, the halfling local wizard (see brochure below)
  • Jorr Natherson[78], expert woodsman of The Witchwood, he hates goblins, loves his dogs, and is suspiciously hirsute
  • Iormel[23], storage-master in Drellin's Ferry, a cantankerous old man who values his property over the lives of the villlagers
  • Teyani Sura[32], a Lion Guard of Brindol, arrived to warn of the northern blockade, now rides to warn Brindol
  • Miha Serani[58], apparently a drider spy; joined the party under the guise of a fellow adventurer
  • Killiar Arrowsift[58], 'battlehunter' of the Tiri Kitor
  • Sellyria Starsinger[58], Speaker of the Tiri Kitor
  • Trellara Nightshadow[58], 'keeper of memories' of the Tiri Kitor
  • Illian Snowmantle, head priest of the Tiri Kitor
  • Atriund, irritable potion-master of the Tiri Kitor
  • Elebril, once-cursed general store keeper of the Tiri Kitor
  • Galinael, morose poet-smith of the Tiri Kitor
  • Luska, adornment merchant of the Tiri Kitor (accompanied by Atel, her ferret confidante)
  • Wyrmlord Saarvith[58], servant to Azarr Kul and friend to the black dragon Regiarix[102]
  • Varanthian[58], a behir outsider servant of the Red Hand
  • Ulwai Stormcaller[58], weather mage of the Red Hand
  • Verrasa Kaal [58], noble lady of Brindol
  • Lars Ulverth [58], Brindol's captain of the guard
  • Kerden Jaarmath [58], noble lord of Brindol
  • Tredora Goldenbrow [58], high priestess of Sarenrae in Brindol
  • Hravek Kharn [58], leader of the Red Hand horde
  • Giacomo[243], tengu merchant

  • Tattered Work Order[3] (Provided by Undin) This document hints at a hidden treasure cache beneath Vraath Keep
  • Sertieren the Wise's shop brochure[0] (add 50% discount)
  • Deed to Vraath Keep (found within Vraath Keep's hidden treasury) This document provides legal claim to the entire ruin
  • Letter from Undin[0], this letter informs you that no aid will be forthcoming from the Hammerfist Holds
  • Ghostlord's Phylactory[58], the Red Hand held this object to coerce the help of its powerful owner


    Completed Events

  • You survived The Marauder's Attack
  • You escaped watery death at the Blackwater Causeway
  • You defeated Wyrmlord Koth and his minions at Vraath Keep
  • You caused the Fall of Skull Gorge Bridge, delaying the horde
  • You slew the Young Dragon Ozyrrandion
  • You participated in Drellin's Ferry's Desperate Council
  • You fended off the Midnight Goblin Raid
  • You fended of the Midday Chimera Attack
  • You gave aid at the Healing Temple along the Rhestwash
  • You busted The Blockade, opening the way to the Endless Plains
  • You had a Close Shave with a Razorfiend
  • You attended Lanikar's Funeral
  • You defeated a Shambling Mound (alt: Where there's a Will(o-the-wisp) There's a Way)
  • You destroyed the Greedy Ghouls
  • You silenced the Bell Tower (alt: It Tolls for Thee)
  • You destroyed Wyrmlord Saarvith and routed the Black Dragon Regiarix
  • You destroyed the remaining Greenspawn Razorfiend Abominations
  • You recovered the Ghostlord's Phylactery
  • You Recruited the Tiri Kitor to your cause
  • You travelled to the Thornwastes and fought your way into the Jaws of the Lion
  • You defeated and imprisoned (and subsequently let escape) the Stormy Sorceress Ulwai
  • You spoke with the Corrupted Druid and broke his bond to the Red Hand
  • You cleared a small farm of its Large Pest Problem
  • You rescued Undin from his pursuers
  • You advised the Brindol Defense Council on defending against the Red Hand
  • You successfully defended Brindol's walls against a giant problem
  • You prevented Abithriax from burning Brindol to the ground (and slew him)
  • You stopped the dreaded sniper Skather
  • You defended Brindol against the Red Hand horde and its leader: Hravek Kharn
  • You saved Brindol!

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