The Red Hand of Doom (Campaign Overview)

This page contains information for my players currently playing The Red Hand of Doom.
Spoilers lie ahead for the entire campaign.
I have been converting this campaign, and once finished will release the tools and media I have created and found.
Feel free to contact me for a copy, or grab media from the various links below.
(Superscripts indicate sources for every peice of media, see source list at bottom of page for key.)



     2016 June
  • 2016-06-26, Sunday, 1PM-7PM Prologue, Character Creation
     2016 July
  • 2016-07-09, Saturday, 12PM-6PM Chapter 01, Drellin's Ferry
  • 2016-07-24, Sunday, 1PM-7PM Chapter 02, The Witchwood
     2016 August
  • 2016-08-06, Saturday, 1PM-7PM Chapter 03, Skull Gorge Bridge
  • 2016-08-20, Saturday, 4PM-10PM Chapter 04, Ill Tidings
     2016 September
  • 2016-09-17, Saturday, 2PM-8PM Chapter 05, The Blockade
     2016 October
  • 2016-10-01, Saturday, 2PM-8PM Chapter 06, The Tiri Kitor (Alternately: "Where There's a Will There's a Way")
  • 2016-10-16, Sunday, 1PM-7PM Chapter 07, The Ruins of Rhest (Part 1)
  • 2016-10-29, Saturday, 1PM-7PM Chapter 08, The Ruins of Rhest (Part 2) (Costume Party Version!)
     2016 November
  • 2016-11-12, Saturday, 2PM-8PM Chapter 09, The Lair of the Lich
     2017 February
  • 2017-02-04, Saturday, 2PM-8PM Chapter 10, The Ghostlord and the Stormcaller
  • 2017-02-18, Saturday, 2PM-10PM Chapter 11, The Corrupted Druid (at Dread's place)
     2017 March
  • 2017-03-04, Saturday, 2PM-8PM Chapter 12, Enemy at the Gate
     2017 April
  • 2017-04-01, Saturday, 2PM-10PM Chapter 13, The Battle for Brindol (Part 1)
     2017 May
  • 2017-05-20, Saturday, 2PM-10PM Chapter 14, The Battle for Brindol (Part 2)
     2017 June
  • 2017-06-03, Saturday, 2PM-10PM Chapter 15, Fane of Tiamat (Part 1) To Stop a Summoning
     2017 August
  • 2017-08-12, Saturday, 2PM-10PM Chapter 16, Fane of Tiamat (Part 2) To Cancel a Conjuration (at Dread's place)
  • 2017-08-19, Saturday, Noon-7PM Chapter 17, Fane of Tiamat (Part 3) To Invalidate an Invocation
     Campaign complete!

    Gathered Information

  • The hobgoblin marauders you defeated worship the dragon goddess Tiamat
  • The hobgoblins were sent by Koth of the Red Hand to wreak havoc
  • Koth's base of operation is likely Vraath Keep
  • The Red Hand is a horde of multiple goblin tribes and plans to overrun the whole of Elsir Vale soon
  • The Skull Gorge Bridge, if destroyed, could delay the horde
  • Reinforcements are coming from Lake Rhestin
  • There is a blockade on the Old North Road near Lake Rhestin
  • There is a seat of evil power within the Ruins of Rhest
  • There are at least two buildings within the ruins that house members of the Red Hand
  • A black dragon accompanies them
  • The lizard people appear to be serving the Red Hand
  • The Harrowblades have an infernal taint to them, and powers similar to the black dragon
  • The Tiri Kitor may be an ally if their homeland is secure
  • The Ghostlord is being coerced into supporting the Red Hand via his stolen phylactery
  • The Red Hand Horde will most likely attack at night

  • Norro Winston[58], Town Speaker of Drellin's Ferry, who requested your aid in dealing with the goblins
  • Soranna Anita, captain of the guard of Drellin's Ferry
  • Brother Derny, cleric of Sarenrae who runs the local shrine, friend to Ricard
  • Avarthel[76], druid of the Old Ones, who protects the local woods (50% discount on druid potions)
  • Sertieren the Wise, the halfling local wizard (see brochure below)
  • Jorr Natherson[78], expert woodsman of The Witchwood, he hates goblins, loves his dogs, and is suspiciously hirsute
  • Iormel[23], storage-master in Drellin's Ferry, a cantankerous old man who values his property over the lives of the villlagers
  • Teyani Sura[32], a Lion Guard of Brindol, arrived to warn of the northern blockade, now rides to warn Brindol
  • Miha Serani[58], apparently a drider spy; joined the party under the guise of a fellow adventurer
  • Killiar Arrowsift[58], 'battlehunter' of the Tiri Kitor
  • Sellyria Starsinger[58], Speaker of the Tiri Kitor
  • Trellara Nightshadow[58], 'keeper of memories' of the Tiri Kitor
  • Illian Snowmantle, head priest of the Tiri Kitor
  • Atriund, irritable potion-master of the Tiri Kitor
  • Elebril, once-cursed general store keeper of the Tiri Kitor
  • Galinael, morose poet-smith of the Tiri Kitor
  • Luska, adornment merchant of the Tiri Kitor (accompanied by Atel, her ferret confidante)
  • Wyrmlord Saarvith[58], servant to Azarr Kul and friend to the black dragon Regiarix[102]
  • Varanthian[58], a behir outsider servant of the Red Hand
  • Ulwai Stormcaller[58], weather mage of the Red Hand
  • Verrasa Kaal [58], noble lady of Brindol
  • Lars Ulverth [58], Brindol's captain of the guard
  • Kerden Jaarmath [58], noble lord of Brindol
  • Tredora Goldenbrow [58], high priestess of Sarenrae in Brindol
  • Hravek Kharn [58], leader of the Red Hand horde
  • Giacomo[243], tengu merchant

  • Tattered Work Order[3] (Provided by Undin) This document hints at a hidden treasure cache beneath Vraath Keep
  • Sertieren the Wise's shop brochure[0] (add 50% discount)
  • Deed to Vraath Keep (found within Vraath Keep's hidden treasury) This document provides legal claim to the entire ruin
  • Letter from Undin[0], this letter informs you that no aid will be forthcoming from the Hammerfist Holds
  • Ghostlord's Phylactory[58], the Red Hand held this object to coerce the help of its powerful owner


    Completed Events

  • You survived The Marauder's Attack
  • You escaped watery death at the Blackwater Causeway
  • You defeated Wyrmlord Koth and his minions at Vraath Keep
  • You caused the Fall of Skull Gorge Bridge, delaying the horde
  • You slew the Young Dragon Ozyrrandion
  • You participated in Drellin's Ferry's Desperate Council
  • You fended off the Midnight Goblin Raid
  • You fended of the Midday Chimera Attack
  • You gave aid at the Healing Temple along the Rhestwash
  • You busted The Blockade, opening the way to the Endless Plains
  • You had a Close Shave with a Razorfiend
  • You attended Lanikar's Funeral
  • You defeated a Shambling Mound (alt: Where there's a Will(o-the-wisp) There's a Way)
  • You destroyed the Greedy Ghouls
  • You silenced the Bell Tower (alt: It Tolls for Thee)
  • You destroyed Wyrmlord Saarvith and routed the Black Dragon Regiarix
  • You destroyed the remaining Greenspawn Razorfiend Abominations
  • You recovered the Ghostlord's Phylactery
  • You Recruited the Tiri Kitor to your cause
  • You travelled to the Thornwastes and fought your way into the Jaws of the Lion
  • You defeated and imprisoned (and subsequently let escape) the Stormy Sorceress Ulwai
  • You spoke with the Corrupted Druid and broke his bond to the Red Hand
  • You cleared a small farm of its Large Pest Problem
  • You rescued Undin from his pursuers
  • You advised the Brindol Defense Council on defending against the Red Hand
  • You successfully defended Brindol's walls against a giant problem
  • You prevented Abithriax from burning Brindol to the ground (and slew him)
  • You stopped the dreaded sniper Skather
  • You defended Brindol against the Red Hand horde and its leader: Hravek Kharn
  • You saved Brindol!

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